What Types Of PhD Scholarships In USA Are Available?


Types of PhD Scholarships in USA: Getting a doctorate is a big step that takes time, energy, and money. But, there are thousands of scholarships and grants out there to help. These can cover many of the costs of graduate school. This guide will look at the many PhD scholarships in the USA. We’ll cover university fellowships, research assistantships, and funding for international students.

Key Takeaways

  • There are many PhD scholarships and grants in the USA to help with graduate studies costs.
  • University-sponsored PhD scholarships and fellowships are a key funding source.
  • External scholarships from groups and foundations also offer PhD funding.
  • Research and teaching assistantships can give tuition waivers and stipends to doctoral students.
  • The eligibility and application process for PhD scholarships vary.



The United States is a top choice for PhD students worldwide, with some of the best research universities. Getting a doctoral degree in the USA can be expensive, but there are many funding options. This section will cover the costs of a US PhD and the scholarships and grants available for students.

Studying for a PhD in the USA can be costly. Tuition at top American universities costs between $50,000 and $60,000 a year. You’ll also need to pay for housing, living expenses, and other educational costs. But, there are many scholarships and funding options to help make studying in the US more affordable, especially for students from other countries.

“The US is home to some of the world’s most prestigious research universities, attracting top talent from around the globe. While the cost of a PhD can be high, there are ample funding opportunities to support international students pursuing their doctoral dreams.”


We will look at the different types of PhD scholarships, grants, assistantships, and fellowships in the USA. We’ll give examples and insights to help students find funding. Whether you’re from the US or another country, there are many resources to help you achieve your PhD goals in the United States.

Grants and Scholarships for Doctoral Students

Getting funding is key for doctoral students working on their PhD in the U.S. There are many grants and scholarships out there to help them. Grants are usually for those in need, while scholarships go to those who excel in their studies.

Examples of Doctoral Scholarships

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program is a top doctoral scholarship. It helps graduate students and young pros study or research abroad. The AMA also has the Valuing Diversity PhD Scholarship for minority doctoral students in medicine.

The Beinecke Scholarship Program gives money to very promising students going for graduate study in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. The William (Bill) Ezzell Scholarship for CPAs and the Irzyk Veteran Scholarship are for certain fields and groups.

In library and info science, the ALA Century Scholarship helps doctoral students in academic or research librarianship. The Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant and the Berkman Charitable Fund Marketing Research Grant fund doctoral research in psychology and marketing, respectively.

For doctoral students in anthropology, the Wenner-Gren Foundation Anthropology Grants are a big help. The Mariam K Chamberlain Award honors top doctoral dissertations in women’s studies.

“Securing funding is a crucial concern for doctoral students pursuing their PhD degrees in the United States.”

Types of PhD Scholarships in USA

phd scholarships

The United States offers a wide range of PhD scholarships for students from other countries. These scholarships match different academic and professional interests. They include university scholarships, external scholarships, assistantships, and fellowships.

University-sponsored PhD scholarships come from colleges and often cover tuition, fees, and living costs. They are given based on merit and might have specific rules about grades, research topics, or study areas like STEM.

External scholarships come from private groups, foundations, or government agencies. They might look for diversity, where you’re from, or your financial situation, besides your grades.

Assistantships for PhD students mean you work in teaching, research, or admin for a stipend or tuition break. This helps with money and gives you work experience and skills.

Fellowships focus on your career and help the institution and community too. They offer money, advice, and chances to network, helping PhD students reach their goals.

Looking for PhD scholarships in the USA? Check out both university and external options, including assistantships and fellowships. This way, you can find the best match for your goals.

“Getting a PhD scholarship in the USA can open many doors. It lets you follow your dreams and make a big impact in your field.”

University-Sponsored PhD Scholarships

Many top research universities in the USA offer fully-funded PhD programs for international students. These university-sponsored PhD scholarships cover tuition, fees, and living costs. They are a great choice for those who want to become doctors.

Examples of University-Sponsored PhD Scholarships

Some top universities in the USA give out PhD scholarships. Here are a few:

  • Harvard
  • California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
  • Stanford
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Princeton
  • UC Berkeley
  • Yale
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia
  • Johns Hopkins
  • University of Pennsylvania (Penn)
  • UCLA
  • Cornell
  • Duke
  • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Northwestern
  • New York University (NYU)
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • University of Washington
  • UC San Diego (UCSD)

These university-sponsored PhD scholarships are very competitive. But, they give international students a chance to study at top research institutions in the USA.

“Securing a fully-funded PhD scholarship from a top US university is a game-changer for many international students, as it allows them to focus on their research and studies without the financial burden.”

External Scholarships for PhD Students

external scholarships

PhD students in the USA can look beyond university scholarships for more funding options. These come from government agencies, foundations, and private groups. Each has its own rules and how to apply.

Examples of External Scholarships

Some top scholarships for PhD students in the USA are:

  • Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarships – The U.S. government funds these scholarships. They help international students with research or study in the U.S.
  • AAUW International Fellowships – The American Association of University Women gives these fellowships. They go to women from around the world getting advanced degrees in the U.S.
  • Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship – This scholarship is for outstanding women PhD students in computer science and engineering. It’s from the Anita Borg Institute.
  • Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Fellowship – The National Center for Institutional Diversity offers this fellowship. It’s for doctoral students studying diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Josephine de Karman Fellowship Trust – This fellowship is for top PhD students in any field at U.S. universities.
  • NCITD International Trade Scholarships – The National Center for International Trade and Development gives these scholarships. They’re for PhD students studying international trade and business.
  • Campbell Fellowships for Transformative Research – The Campbell Foundation funds these fellowships. They go to doctoral students with research that could make a big positive change.
  • IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program – IBM’s fellowship program is for top PhD students in computer science and related fields. It offers funding and mentorship.

These external scholarships provide more funding and recognition for PhD students in the USA. They add to the support from universities. Students should check these out and see if their research fits the scholarship’s needs.

Assistantships for PhD Students

In the United States, PhD students can find assistantships that offer both practical experience and financial help. These roles let students help out in teaching and research at their universities. They also get a stipend or a tuition waiver.

Types of Assistantships

There are a few main types of assistantships for PhD students in the USA:

  • Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs): These involve teaching and mentoring undergrads. Students might lead discussions, grade papers, and help with academic tasks.
  • Research Assistantships (RAs): Here, PhD students work with professors on their research. They help with collecting data, analyzing it, and writing papers.
  • Administrative Assistantships: These roles give students experience in the day-to-day running of their departments. They might manage schedules, plan events, or provide support.

These assistantships often come with a stipend or tuition help. This makes them a great way for PhD students in the USA to earn money. The details of what you’ll do and what you’ll get can change a lot between universities. So, it’s smart to look into what’s available and what’s needed.

Type of Assistantship Key Responsibilities Potential Benefits
Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)
  • Teaching and mentoring undergrads
  • Leading discussions
  • Grading papers
  • Helping with academic tasks
  • Stipend or tuition waiver
  • Real-world teaching experience
  • Improving your teaching skills
Research Assistantship (RA)
  • Working with professors on research
  • Gathering and analyzing data
  • Helping with research papers
  • Stipend or tuition help
  • Hands-on research experience
  • Working with experienced researchers
Administrative Assistantship
  • Handling schedules and calendars
  • Planning events and activities
  • Offering administrative support
  • Stipend or tuition help
  • Seeing how academia works
  • Gaining skills in organization and admin

US universities offer these assistantships to help PhD students grow both in their studies and careers. They also get to make a difference in teaching, research, and admin tasks at their schools.

Fellowships for PhD Students

PhD students in the USA can look into fellowships to help fund their studies. Fellowships focus on careers and research, aiming to benefit the fellow, the institution, and the community. They often require teaching, research, and community work. Plus, they offer chances to network with other fellows.

Examples of Fellowships

Some top fellowships for PhD students in the USA are:

  • The Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship, which helps PhD students work on social justice and community projects.
  • The IAF’s Grassroots Development Program, giving fellowships to PhD students studying grassroots projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • The Marie Tharp Visiting Fellowship, offering PhD students a chance to dive deeper into ocean science and exploration, honoring Marie Tharp’s work.
  • Guggenheim Fellowships, given to PhD students and scholars in various fields for their outstanding work and future potential.
  • The American Association of University Women (AAUW) Fellowship, supporting PhD students in promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality.

These fellowships give PhD students in the USA a chance to go deeper into their research and grow their professional networks. They also let students make a big impact in their fields and communities.

“Fellowships provide PhD students with the resources and platform to push the boundaries of their research and make tangible contributions to their areas of expertise.”

Eileen Blackey, founder of the Eileen Blackey Doctoral Fellowship

Eligibility and Application Process

PhD scholarships application

Applying for PhD scholarships in the USA can be tough, but knowing what you need is key. Whether you’re from the US, a permanent resident, or an international student, each scholarship has its own rules. It’s important to check these rules before you start.

To get many PhD scholarships in the USA, you usually need good grades from your bachelor’s degree or something similar. You also need to show you’re good at English. Most programs want you to score well on tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.

Applying for PhD scholarships has its own steps, with different deadlines. You’ll need to send in things like your transcripts, a CV, a personal statement, a research proposal, and letters from people who know you. These items help show you’re a strong candidate.

It’s crucial to look into each scholarship’s rules and what you need to apply. You can find this info on the program’s website, by talking to the admissions office, or with the help of academic advisors. They know the application process well.

Knowing how to apply for PhD scholarships in the USA can really help you get the funding you need. Just remember to stay on top of things, meet all the deadlines, and make sure your application is the best it can be.

“The key to success in securing a PhD scholarship in the USA is to start the application process early and be meticulous in your preparation.”

  1. Make sure you fit the eligibility criteria, like being a citizen or resident, having the right academic background, and speaking English well.
  2. Look at the application deadlines and send in all your documents on time. This includes things like transcripts, CVs, research proposals, and letters of recommendation.
  3. Make your application stand out by showing how you’re the best fit for the program. Highlight your unique skills and what you’re interested in researching.
  4. Keep everything organized and talk well with the people giving out the scholarships as you apply.

By taking these steps and meeting the requirements, you can really improve your chances of getting a PhD scholarship in the USA. This will help you move forward in your studies.

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The United States has many PhD scholarship options for students from other countries. These scholarships help fund their studies and research. There are scholarships from universities, external sources, and more.

International students can find the right funding by learning about the rules and how to apply. This makes getting a PhD in the USA easier and cheaper for talented students worldwide.

The PhD scholarship opportunities in the USA help students achieve their goals. They create a diverse and welcoming place for students. This benefits both the students and the country.


Q: What are some types of PhD scholarships available in the USA for international students?

A: There are various types of PhD scholarships available for international students in the USA, including fully funded scholarships, fellowship programs, and grants from organizations like the Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

Q: How can international students apply for PhD scholarships in the USA for 2024?

A: International students can apply for PhD scholarships in the USA for 2024 by researching and applying to specific scholarship programs, meeting eligibility requirements, and submitting required documents before the deadlines.

Q: Are there fully funded PhD programs available for international students in the USA?

A: Yes, there are fully funded PhD programs available for international students in the USA, which cover tuition fees, provide a stipend, and may include other benefits for the academic year.

Q: What funding options are available for PhD students in the USA in 2024?

A: PhD students in the USA in 2024 can access various funding options such as scholarships, fellowships, research grants, and fully funded programs offered by universities and organizations.

Q: How can international students find a list of PhD scholarships in the USA?

A: International students can find a list of PhD scholarships in the USA by searching online databases, visiting university websites, and consulting with academic advisors or scholarship offices.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements for applying to PhD scholarships in the USA for international students?

A: The eligibility requirements for applying to PhD scholarships in the USA for international students may vary depending on the scholarship program but commonly include academic achievements, research proposals, and language proficiency.

Q: Can international students pursue a doctoral program in the USA with full funding?

A: Yes, international students can pursue a doctoral program in the USA with full funding through scholarships, grants, or fellowships that cover tuition fees, living expenses, and research costs.

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