What Are The Top MBA Scholarship Programs Available In US ?


Top MBA Scholarship Programs: Getting an MBA degree can be expensive, but there are many scholarships to help. These scholarships are for students in the United States who want to be business leaders. They come from national sources and specific colleges, offering financial help for graduate school.

Key Takeaways

  • A wide range of MBA scholarship programs exist, including national and college-specific options.
  • Scholarships can be merit-based, need-based, or targeted towards specific demographics.
  • The cost of MBA programs has been rising, leading to increased scholarship opportunities to offset tuition.
  • Applying for MBA scholarships can be a competitive process, so it’s important to research and apply for multiple opportunities.
  • International students and working professionals may also have access to specialized MBA scholarship programs.

National Sources for MBA Scholarships


There are many national scholarship programs in the United States for those needing financial help for an MBA. Two key options are the Military MBA Merit Scholarship and the Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships.

Military MBA Merit Scholarship

The Military MBA Merit Scholarship is for veterans and active U.S. military members who live in the U.S. It helps pay for school at one of 27 partner schools. The amount you get varies. You need a bachelor’s degree and a history of military service. Showing leadership skills is a big plus. But, you can’t be already in an MBA program or have graduated from one.

Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships


The Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship is for first-year MBA students wanting a summer job at Goldman Sachs. Winners get a $35,000 scholarship and a summer job salary. If you finish the summer internship and take a full-time job at Goldman, you get another $40,000 and maybe a signing bonus.

“These national-level scholarships provide valuable funding opportunities for individuals looking to advance their business education and careers.”

College-Specific MBA Scholarships

University of Pennsylvania Wharton

Securing MBA scholarships isn’t just about national programs. Top universities have their own scholarships for standout students. The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School offers a strong fellowship program. It looks at your personal qualities, academic success, professional growth, and community work.

Every Wharton student can apply for these top fellowships. The school also has other awards. These include academic fellowships, entrepreneurial awards, leadership fellowships, real estate fellowships, Whitney M. Young fellowships, and Yellow Ribbon Program grants of up to $20,000 for students with military experience.

Getting into Wharton’s fellowship program is tough. The school wants students who excel in academics and have a strong professional and community background. You should show off your unique qualities and achievements. Talk about your entrepreneurial wins, leadership skills, and social impact.

“The Wharton fellowship program is designed to recognize and support the most promising future business leaders, who have the potential to make a significant impact in their chosen fields and in their communities.”

Using college-specific scholarships, like those at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, can help cover education costs. This lets you focus on your studies and career goals.

Strategies for Securing MBA Scholarships

Getting an MBA scholarship can change the game for mba scholarship seekers. It’s key to know the scholarship application rules and keep up with deadlines. Make sure you have all your required documents ready by the deadline.

Don’t forget about the follow-up steps. Following up on your application can really help. Also, writing great scholarship essays is crucial. They let you share your special skills and achievements.

Your application profile is also very important. Things like your GMAT score, undergraduate GPA, and work experience matter a lot. Admissions teams look at these to see if you’re a strong candidate.

Some students might be able to negotiate scholarship offers if they have offers from other top MBA programs. This needs careful thought and a smart plan. But, it could lead to a better financial deal.

“Securing an MBA scholarship requires a multi-faceted approach, from carefully following the scholarship application rules to crafting a compelling overall application profile. With the right strategy and attention to detail, mba scholarship seekers can maximize their chances of success.”

To sum up, here are the main strategies for getting an MBA scholarship:

  • Stick to scholarship deadlines and give all required documents
  • Follow up on your scholarship application closely
  • Write great scholarship essays
  • Keep a strong application profile with a good GMAT score, undergraduate GPA, and work experience
  • Look into negotiating scholarship offers from different schools

By using these strategies, mba scholarship seekers can boost their chances of getting the financial help they need for their MBA.

Top MBA Scholarship Programs

top mba scholarship programs

Getting an MBA can be expensive, but there are many top MBA scholarship programs to help. These programs offer money to make getting an advanced business degree possible.

The University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management gives out scholarships, fellowships, and stipends for great grades. The University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School also has awards for certain groups like alumni, women, and veterans.

Some MBA scholarships focus on entrepreneurship, social impact, investment banking, and management consulting. These can cover full tuition and give a stipend. This helps students follow their career dreams without a lot of debt.

Scholarship Program Focus Area Award Amount
Forte MBA Women’s Fellowship Women in Business Full Tuition
Consortium for Graduate Study in Management Fellowship Underrepresented Minorities Full Tuition and Stipend
Military MBA Merit Scholarship Military Experience Tuition Assistance
Wharton Social Impact Fellowship Social Impact Full Tuition

These are just a few top MBA scholarship programs out there. They show the many ways students can get funding for their business education. By looking into these options, students can lessen their MBA costs. This lets them focus on their career goals.

“The right MBA scholarship can open doors to a world of opportunity, empowering students to pursue their passions without the weight of crippling debt.”

Eligibility and Application Tips

Getting an MBA scholarship can change your career path. But, it’s hard to know what you need and how to apply. Knowing what scholarships want and how to apply can help you get the money you need.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for MBA scholarships varies a lot. But, there are some common things that scholarship providers look for. A good GMAT score and high undergraduate GPA are usually needed. Also, work experience, military service, and leadership can help you stand out.

For some scholarships, like the Military MBA Merit Scholarship, you need a bachelor’s degree and military service. You also need to show you’re a leader. These scholarships aren’t for people already in or who have finished an MBA program.

College-specific scholarships often want the same things as the MBA program. You’ll need a good GMAT score and high undergraduate GPA. Also, work experience and leadership roles are important.

Application Tips

  1. Write your scholarship essays as carefully as your MBA application essays. Tell your story and show why you’re special.
  2. Look into private scholarships not just school ones. Sites like UCLA’s Anderson School of Management list many scholarships you might not know about.
  3. Keep an eye on application deadlines, required documents, and follow-up steps. This way, you won’t miss anything important.

Knowing what you need and how to apply can really help you get the scholarship you want. This can make a big difference in your education and career.

“The key to securing an MBA scholarship is to demonstrate your commitment to excellence, leadership, and the pursuit of knowledge. Crafting a compelling application that showcases your unique strengths can make all the difference.”

The Rising Cost of MBA Programs

rising cost of mba programs

The cost of getting an MBA in the U.S. has been going up. This makes higher education hard for many who want to be business leaders. We need to look closely at this worrying trend.

Now, 19 out of 27 top U.S. business schools cost more than $200,000 for two years. Tuition fees are the main reason for this increase. Seven U.S. business schools now charge more than $80,000 a year. And 13 schools charge over $75,000.

The average cost of top 10 MBA programs has risen by 8.9% over five years. For the top 25 U.S. MBA programs, the increase is 9.5%. These rising costs are making it hard for students to get into top-tier MBA programs.

Metric Value
Average two-year cost for top 10 MBA programs $236,873
Average cost across 27 leading U.S. MBA programs $215,619
Year-over-year increase in average two-year cost for top 10 MBA programs 2.4%
Year-over-year increase in average cost across 27 leading U.S. MBA programs 2.3%

The rising cost of MBA programs is a big worry for those wanting to be business leaders. It could limit access to top education and stop future innovators. With tuition and living costs going up, students and schools need to find new ways to make MBA education more affordable.

International Student Opportunities

The United States is a top choice for international MBA students. These students make up a big part of many top business school classes. But, finding MBA scholarships and financial aid can be tough for them. Luckily, there are many scholarships to help cover the cost of an MBA for international students.

International students make up about 34% of MBA students in the U.S. This number can go higher at some schools, reaching over 50%. The good news is, they can get the same scholarships and aid as U.S. students.

Scholarship Type Average Award Amount Percentage of International Students Receiving
Need-Based Scholarships $15,000 – $30,000 25-35%
Merit-Based Scholarships $20,000 – $50,000 30-45%

Top MBA programs in the U.S. and Europe offer many scholarships for international mba students. In Europe, most MBA students are from abroad, often over 90%. At INSEAD, 36% of students get aid, with an average award of €21,100 (about $23,000). Schools like HEC Paris, London Business School, and IE Business School also give out significant scholarship funding to their international student students.

Many think international students can’t get scholarships in the U.S. But, they can get most scholarships and aid. Schools value the diversity and global views these students bring. They work hard to attract and support them with big mba scholarships and aid packages.

The need for global business leaders is growing. This means more chances for international mba students to get scholarships and aid. By learning about the variety of scholarships and average scholarship amounts, international students can better their chances of getting an MBA.

Employer Sponsorships and Fellowships


Before, employers often helped pay for their employees’ MBA studies. But now, this is less common. Yet, many business schools still offer fellowships and corporate sponsorship for MBA students.

These programs can give big financial help, like paying for tuition or even a full MBA. This helps students get their graduate degree without a huge debt. It makes going back to school easier.

Employer-Sponsored MBA Programs

Some companies still have employer-sponsored MBA programs. They pay for tuition and fees for their workers. It’s good for both the company and the employee. The company grows its team, and the employee gets an MBA without debt.

MBA Tuition Reimbursement

Another way employers help is through MBA tuition reimbursement. Companies give money to their workers for part of their MBA costs. This is great for those wanting to move up in their careers without losing money.

Corporate MBA Fellowships

Business schools also have corporate MBA fellowships. These are supported by companies. They give a lot of money to help students get an MBA. This makes getting an MBA easier for those who qualify.

Sponsorship Type Description Potential Benefits
Employer-Sponsored MBA Programs Companies cover the full cost of tuition and fees for their employees Employees can obtain an MBA without incurring debt, and companies invest in their workforce
MBA Tuition Reimbursement Companies provide financial assistance for a portion of the MBA program’s cost Employees can advance their careers while managing the financial burden of an MBA
Corporate MBA Fellowships Business schools offer fellowships funded by corporate partnerships Qualified applicants can receive significant financial support to pursue an MBA

Employer sponsorships and fellowships are great for those wanting to get an MBA without big costs. By looking into these options, MBA students can make their education more affordable and reachable business administration.

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Many mba scholarship opportunities, fellowship programs, and grant options exist to help students pay for their MBA in the U.S. The cost of an MBA has gone up, with top programs now over $200,000 for two years. Yet, business schools offer more mba financial aid to make these programs more affordable.

There are various scholarships, like the Military MBA Merit Scholarship and Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowships, for different students. Also, colleges have their own business school scholarships. By applying carefully and using many graduate education funding options, students can lower their costs.

There’s a lot of mba tuition assistance available, showing that schools and groups want to make quality graduate education accessible. With good planning and effort in securing scholarships, future MBA students can achieve their goals.


Q: What are the top MBA scholarship programs available in the US?

A: There are several top MBA scholarship programs available in the US, including the ones offered by Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, London Business School, and Saïd Business School, among others.

Q: How can I increase my chances of earning an MBA scholarship?

A: To increase your chances of earning an MBA scholarship, you can focus on academic excellence, gain relevant work experience, actively participate in extracurricular activities, and write a compelling scholarship application essay.

Q: Are there specific scholarships available for women pursuing an MBA?

A: Yes, there are MBA scholarships specifically designed to support women in business education, such as scholarships offered by organizations like National Black MBA Association and through programs at various business schools.

Q: Do business schools offer full scholarships for MBA students?

A: Yes, some business schools offer full scholarships for MBA students based on merit, financial need, or specific criteria set by the scholarship committee.

Q: What are some of the best MBA scholarships available for graduate students?

A: Some of the best MBA scholarships available for graduate students include those provided by Harvard Business School, Chicago Booth School of Business, and London Business School, known for their generous financial aid packages.

Q: How can I pay for my MBA if I do not receive a scholarship?

A: If you do not receive a scholarship for your MBA studies, you can explore other options such as student loans, part-time work, employer sponsorship, or looking for external funding sources to support your education.

Q: What is the process for applying for an MBA scholarship?

A: The process for applying for an MBA scholarship typically involves researching available scholarships, meeting application deadlines, submitting required documents such as transcripts and recommendation letters, and possibly attending an interview with the scholarship committee.

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