How Can I Apply For An MBA Scholarship In Canada?


Apply for an MBA Scholarship: Studying for an MBA in Canada is exciting, but the costs can scare you. The fees can be from 40,000 CAD to 150,000 CAD, without your daily expenses. Luckily, international students have a chance to get help through MBA scholarships in Canada.

This guide will show you how to get an MBA scholarship in Canada. It explains who can apply, lists top scholarship choices, and gives a step-by-step plan for your application. This info is for anyone thinking about an MBA or already studying business in Canada. It’s key to finding support for your advanced studies.

Key Takeaways

  • Tuition fees for an MBA in Canada can range from 40,000 CAD to 150,000 CAD, making scholarships a crucial option for international students.
  • Eligibility criteria for MBA scholarships typically include academic excellence, GMAT scores, work experience, and leadership skills.
  • Top MBA scholarship programs in Canada include the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships, and Ivey MBA Scholarships.
  • Many Canadian business schools, such as the Alberta School of Business, Sauder School of Business, Rotman School of Management, and Schulich School of Business, offer their own scholarship opportunities.
  • Applying for an MBA scholarship in Canada requires a well-crafted application, including a compelling personal statement, strong letters of recommendation, and a clear financial need.

The Cost of Pursuing an MBA in Canada


Going for an MBA in Canada is a big step, financially. Tuition and living costs can mount quickly. It’s key for international students to know how much an MBA program can cost them.

Typical Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

The cost of an MBA can vary a lot by school and program. Typically, tuition for an MBA ranges from 40,000 to 150,000 CAD. On top of that, there’s the cost of living – like rent, food, and getting around – which adds another 20,000 to 30,000 CAD a year.

Why Seek MBA Scholarships?


Given the high MBA costs in Canada, scholarships are a crucial resource. They can lower or even cover tuition costs, making business grad school more doable. Scholarships include university grants, academic fellowships, merit-based awards, need-based financial support, corporate sponsorships, and educational loans.

Looking into tuition assistance programs helps international students lessen the MBA’s financial pressure. They can then better concentrate on learning and growing.

“Investing in an MBA can be a transformative experience, but the cost can be a significant barrier. Seeking out scholarship opportunities can help make this educational journey more accessible for international students.”

Eligibility Criteria for MBA Scholarships

To get an MBA scholarship in Canada, you need good grades and a history of leadership. You should show you excel in your studies, have good GMAT scores, work experience, and strong leadership skills. These factors are key for many scholarship programs.

Academic Excellence and GMAT Scores

In Canada, many scholarships want to see your high grades and tough degree. Good GMAT scores are also important. They prove you can think critically, which is vital for MBA success.

Work Experience and Leadership Skills

Your work experience and leadership skills matter for Canadian MBA scholarships too. They look for people who have already achieved at work and can lead in the future. You should talk about important projects you’ve handled or teams you’ve led. This shows your leadership potential.

A mix of achieved academic success, high GMAT scores, good work history, and strong leadership skills helps you win merit-based scholarships. For business students aiming for an MBA degree in Canada, these are must-meet scholarship requirements. They increase your odds of getting financial help for your advanced business studies.

“Earning an MBA scholarship is not just about academic performance; it’s about demonstrating your potential to become a transformative leader in the business world.”

Top MBA Scholarships in Canada

Studying for an MBA in Canada can get expensive. Luckily, there are several top scholarships. They help students fund their business education. Some of the best scholarships include the Ontario Graduate Scholarship, the Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships, and the Ivey MBA Scholarships.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship offers up to 15,000 CAD. It’s for students doing a two-year master’s program, such as an MBA, in Ontario. It’s awarded for high grades. The scholarship is open to students worldwide.

Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships

The Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary offers scholarships from 3,000 CAD to 17,000 CAD. They are for new MBA students chosen by their academic and GMAT scores. If you dream of getting an MBA through a scholarship, this is a good chance.

Ivey MBA Scholarships

Western University’s Ivey Business School provides scholarships worth 10,000 CAD. They help cover tuition fees. These scholarships value good grades, work experience, and leadership skills. They are perfect for MBA students aiming high in their careers.

These scholarships are just the beginning. Canada has many more for MBA students. By searching for these opportunities, business students can cut down their educational costs. This way, they can put more focus on learning and career advancement.

Alberta School of Business MBA Scholarships

The University of Alberta’s School of Business offers many MBA scholarships. Around $1 million CAD was given out last year. These awards help students studying business to get their MBA. They range from $1,000 CAD to $10,000 CAD each.

To win one of these scholarships, you need to be really good at school, do well on the GMAT test, and have work experience. Some examples of the scholarships are the Claude Winspear MBA Award, the Michael Lang Youth Leadership MBA Award, and the AIMCo Scholarship.

  • The Claude Winspear MBA Award is for students with great grades and who show leadership potential.
  • The Michael Lang Youth Leadership MBA Award helps young leaders who are studying for an MBA.
  • The AIMCo Scholarship goes to those with top grades and who need financial help.

These alberta school of business mba scholarships make it easier for business students to get their mba by helping with costs. With a variety of scholarships for mba students, the school wants to bring in top talent. They aim to help the next generation of business leaders.

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Criteria
Claude Winspear MBA Award $5,000 – $10,000 CAD Academic excellence, leadership potential
Michael Lang Youth Leadership MBA Award $3,000 – $5,000 CAD Promise in young leaders, demonstrated leadership skills
AIMCo Scholarship $1,000 – $3,000 CAD Exceptional academic records, financial need

These merit-based scholarship chances at the Alberta School of Business show how much the school wants to help. They help make getting an MBA more affordable. This way, business students have a better shot at achieving their MBA goals.

Sauder School of Business Scholarships

sauder school of business scholarships

At the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business, there’s a big variety of scholarships. These are mostly for women and those from abroad who want an MBA. Not just for money, they also honor your hard work and leadership.

Scholarships for Women and International Students

The school offers cool scholarships like the Asia Top Talent Scholarships and the Women in Business Leadership Scholarships. These can cover up to 40,000 CAD, making the MBA goal more reachable.

There’s also the Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship and the Dean’s Entrance Scholarship. These give a big hand to outstanding business students with their merit scholarships. It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking for MBA scholarships in Canada.

Scholarship Eligibility Award Amount
Asia Top Talent Scholarships International students from Asia Up to 40,000 CAD
Women in Business Leadership Scholarships Women pursuing an MBA Up to 40,000 CAD
Hari Varshney MBA Entrance Scholarship Exceptional academic and leadership achievements Varies
Dean’s Entrance Scholarship Outstanding academic performance Varies

These scholarships from the Sauder School show the deep care for educating and boosting women and international students. They aim to help in earning an MBA and sharpening leadership skills.

Apply for an MBA Scholarship

MBA scholarship application

Getting an MBA scholarship in Canada is a huge help for those dreaming of business success. The steps to apply for these prestigious scholarships are crucial and need careful preparation. With the right approach, you can improve your chances of winning a scholarship based on merit.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Here are some steps to help you apply for an MBA scholarship in Canada:

  1. First, look into the scholarships available. Go to the websites of the universities or business schools you like. Check out what scholarships they offer, who can apply, and what you need to apply.
  2. Next, get your application materials together. This includes your grades, GMAT or GRE scores, letters from people who know your work, and a statement of purpose. Your statement should show you’re good at school, you’re a leader, and you really want an MBA.
  3. Then, send in your application. Do it online, making sure you meet all the deadlines and the school’s rules.
  4. Now, sit tight and wait. The university will tell you if you got the scholarship. Have more info ready if they ask for it.

Following these steps increases how likely you are to win an MBA scholarship and start on your path to an MBA degree in Canada.

“The key to a successful MBA scholarship application is to demonstrate your academic excellence, leadership potential, and commitment to your educational and professional goals.”

There’s a lot of competition for MBA scholarships in Canada, so show what makes you stand out. With a strong application and a clear idea of the process, you can better your chances. This way, you can win the scholarship award that will help you earn an MBA and advance in your career.

Rotman School of Management Scholarships

rotman school of management scholarships

The Rotman School of Management, located in Canada, has many scholarships for MBA students. These scholarships reward strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and more. They can cover all or part of the costs for deserving applicants.

Fully Funded and Merit-Based Awards

The school offers several notable scholarships. For example, the Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship pays the full MBA tuition. It’s for students who have shown excellence in academics and leadership.

  • The Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship aids those interested in healthcare management. It supports students who have done exceptionally well in their studies.
  • The 30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship aims to boost gender diversity. It offers partial to full tuition support for female students at Rotman.

Getting these scholarships is tough. It involves looking at GMAT scores, your academic record, work experience, and community leadership. But, if you win, it can significantly help with your MBA costs. This allows you to fully focus on your studies and enjoy your Rotman experience.

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Criteria
Joseph L. Rotman Scholarship Full tuition coverage Academic excellence, leadership potential
Rotman Family Healthcare Scholarship Partial or full tuition coverage Outstanding academic performance, passion for healthcare management
30% Club Full-Time MBA Scholarship 10,000 CAD to full tuition coverage Female applicants, academic achievement, leadership skills

These merit-based scholarships at Rotman are a great chance for business students to fund their MBA. Students looking to earn an MBA should check out Rotman’s scholarships and apply well. This could boost their chances of getting a full scholarship.

Schulich School of Business Scholarships

schulich school of business scholarships

At York University in Toronto, Canada, the Schulich School of Business offers many scholarships. They are for new and current MBA students. These scholarships for mba aim to reward those who do well in their studies. They also focus on leadership and contributions during the mba degree program.

Entrance and Continuing Student Awards

For new students, there’s the Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit and the Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence. Also, there’s the Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship. These are known as entrance scholarships. They look at a student’s grades and leadership abilities.

After joining the program, MBAs can also get more scholarships. The Schulich School gives out continuing student awards to celebrate ongoing achievement. This includes the Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship. There’s also the Heyman L. Main Scholarship, especially for women in capital markets.

Scholarship Award Amount Eligibility Criteria
Robert Krembil Scholarship of Merit $20,000 CAD Outstanding academic performance and leadership potential
Goldberg Leadership Award of Excellence $15,000 CAD Demonstrated leadership experience and community involvement
Seymour Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $10,000 CAD Strong academic background and commitment to the Schulich community
Tanna H. Schulich MBA Entrance Scholarship $5,000 CAD Continuing students who have shown academic excellence and leadership
Heyman L. Main Scholarship $10,000 CAD Women in the MBA program with a focus on capital markets

These scholarship awards offer financial help. They also show that the Schulich School values hard work from its business students. If you’re an MBA student, check out these merit-based scholarship chances. They can help you reach your education goals.

MBA Scholarships for International Students

mba scholarships for international students

Canada’s top business schools provide MBA scholarships for international students, including those from India and Asia. These scholarships for mba aim to help business students worldwide get an mba degree at a lower cost.

Opportunities for Indian and Asian Students

Many well-known institutions, like the Sauder School of Business and the Rotman School of Management, have special scholarships available for international students. These merit-based scholarships look at academic excellence, GMAT scores, work experience, and leadership skills to pick scholarship award winners.

Take the Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships at the University of Calgary, for example. They give scholarships for indian students and other hard-working international students with top grades and leadership skills. The Ivey MBA Scholarships at Western University also support asian students pursuing their mba in Canada.

It’s essential for international students to look into and apply for these mba scholarships for international students. Doing so can help make their Canadian MBA education more within reach.

“Securing an MBA scholarship can be a game-changer for international students, opening doors to world-class business education in Canada.”

Tips for a Successful MBA Scholarship Application

mba scholarship application

Getting an MBA scholarship in Canada can be tough, but there are ways to stand out. As a future business student aiming for an MBA, follow these tips to make your application strong:

  1. Keep your grades high. Scholarship givers usually like to see students who do well in school.
  2. Do well on the GMAT. Your score on this test is important for both getting into school and getting a scholarship.
  3. Show off your work history and leadership outside of class. This proves you deserve a merit-based scholarship.
  4. Write a clear and impressive statement of purpose. It should talk about your school and work wins, plus your dreams for your MBA.
  5. Get good recommendations. This can be from teachers, bosses, or others who know what you’re capable of.
  6. Apply for as many scholarships as you can. The more you try for, the better your odds of winning one.

Use these steps to make your mba scholarship application shine. This way, you increase your chance of getting the financial help needed for your MBA in Canada.

“The key to a successful MBA scholarship application is demonstrating a strong academic profile, relevant work experience, and a clear vision for how the scholarship will help you achieve your professional goals.”

Seeking Professional Assistance

Feeling overwhelmed about MBA scholarships in Canada? Consider an MBA admissions consultant. They offer huge support. From picking MBA programs to making a strong scholarship application.

A MBA admissions consultant can give personalized advice on MBA scholarships. They find the right scholarships available for you. This ensures you find merit-based scholarship chances.

They will also help with a top-notch personal statement. This statement highlights your strong points as a business student. They guide you on showing your leadership skills and love for an MBA degree.

Working with an MBA admissions consultant ups your odds of getting scholarship funding. Thanks to their know-how, getting into an MBA in Canada becomes more possible. They open doors to the right scholarships available for you. Plus, they help you do better in the MBA application phase.

“A professional MBA admissions consultant can be your guide in navigating the complexities of applying for MBA scholarships and achieving your educational goals.”

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Getting your MBA in Canada might cost a lot, but there are many scholarships. These can help international students afford this graduate degree. It’s important to know what you’re eligible for, look for top scholarships, and apply well. This way, MBA hopefuls have a better shot at getting financial help for their studies.

There are all kinds of scholarships available. For example, the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Haskayne Entrance Donor Scholarships are great opportunities. So are the Ivey MBA Scholarships and others from leading Canadian business schools. With a good application and research, graduate students can reach their academic and career goals more easily.

Canada shows it is serious about attracting future business leaders with these MBA scholarships. Getting the right information and applying strategically are key. This helps prospective MBA students find the financial help they need. In turn, they’re set to start a fulfilling journey in the business world.


Q: How can I find scholarships for MBA students?

A: You can search for scholarships specific to MBA students offered by colleges, universities, business schools, and organizations like the National Black MBA Association.

Q: What are some college-specific MBA scholarships available?

A: Some college-specific MBA scholarships include the Stanford Graduate School of Business scholarships and the Goldman Sachs MBA Fellowship.

Q: How do I apply for MBA scholarships?

A: To apply for MBA scholarships, you typically need to meet certain criteria set by the scholarship provider, submit an application form, and sometimes provide additional materials like essays or recommendation letters.

Q: Are there scholarships available for online MBA programs?

A: Yes, there are scholarships available for online MBA programs. Many institutions offer financial aid for students pursuing an online MBA degree.

Q: What types of scholarships are usually offered to MBA students?

A: MBA students can apply for general graduate scholarships, full-time MBA program scholarships, industry-specific scholarships like military MBA scholarships, and external scholarships.

Q: How can scholarships help in financing my MBA degree?

A: Scholarships can significantly reduce the financial burden of pursuing an MBA by covering part or all of the tuition costs, living expenses, or other related expenses, depending on the scholarship.

Q: What are some common requirements for MBA scholarships?

A: Common requirements for MBA scholarships include being a full-time student, maintaining a certain GPA, demonstrating financial need, and sometimes specific requirements related to the scholarship provider or purpose.

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